PAPAGO! for Android Phone Installation Guid

1.Please PressíyPAPAGO! X5 SG&MY(Singapore &Malaysia) Main programízBegin download PAPAGO! main program.

2.Please download File1 to File5 one by one.Then decompress File1,you will get a folder ímNaviSEAín.

3.Connect your Android cell phone to PC.You should get a notification alert at the top of the phone.

4.Pleasse pull down the notification bar.

5. Press íuUSB connectionív on that notification and it should give you an option to "mount" or "not mount" the device. After Press ímmountínyou can visit cell phone SD Card on your PCíC

6.Copy the folderímNaviSEAínto the root of SD CardíC

7.Unmount USBíC